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cobb-boating-lifestyle-1-opt.jpgThe Cobb offers the easiest possible way to have a BBQ and amazingly it can be used on a boat, at the beach, on a balcony, while camping or caravanning and picnicking, in fact just about anywhere.

The Cobb is so versatile it can be used to cook just about anything, from baking bread and cakes, barbecuing whole chickens and roast joints, smoking fish right through to a great English breakfast, the list is endless.

The Cobb can cook healthy meals as its design allows grease and fat to drain away from the food whilst cooking.

weather do your worst!

Most of us have experienced a weather change for the worse when we’re outside cooking. Should this happen while cooking on the Cobb, it can be picked up and moved to a more sheltered area. The cool to touch design of the Cobb base means the underneath and sides are always cool. This also allows the Cobb to be placed on just about any surface without fear of burning or scorching.

As an example of how fuel efficient Cobbs are, the Cobb Premier can cook for over three hours using just 8 or 9 good quality charcoal briquettes.   It cooks with intense heat rather than  flames which means  there is no smoke or fat flames and the food is cooked and not char grilled as with normal barbecues – perfect results every time.

The components that make up the Cobb all dismantle for easy cleaning; they can even be put in the dishwasher when using it at home.

There are six  models to choose from to suit your requirements:
Cobb Premier Air, Cobb Premier (standard), Cobb Pro,
Cobb Compact, Cobb Supreme and Cobb Premier Gas.

Two of the Cobb Premier Air models are being offered as prizes in the CanalsOnline Magazine free draw in this issue.


Cobb has been endorsed by the South African Heart Foundation

The company behind Cobb in the UK is Cobb (GB) Ltd which was set up in 2003 to solely market Cobb and associated accessories.

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