how safe is your boat?

a false sense of security

Boats are often seen as easy targets for theft, and break-ins can happen during off peak times when the canals are quiet, or at high season when they are at their busiest.

remote spots

Boats are often moored in remote locations where thieves have the opportunity to see a long way into the distance, ensuring they are not disturbed.

But they can be just as vulnerable in marinas, especially if left for long periods. Marina staff are more likely to check ropes than to look for signs of forced entry

keep it safe

a variety of deterrents

Ultra Secure have a range of Alarms & Security devices designed to help protect & secure your precious Caravans & Boats including:

All of our Alarms are designed with Easy & Quick DIY Installation in mind, no need to pay an expensive installation company, no on going rental agreements.

Our current best selling Alarm is the GSM UltraPIR. These can be powered by battery (part number 007-0360) or mains powered (part number 007-0700) and will contact you by Telephone if triggered. They can be also be used with additional Wireless Sensors & Sirens.

alternative security products

We have some alternative Security Devices which can be used on their own or in conjunction with an Alarm to help protect your Boat. These include Water Alarms (to hopefully provide early warning of a possible Flood).


Ultra Secure Direct are a family run business supplying a range of DIY Security & Safety products to help Secure & Protect your house, boat or mobile home. Online shop, but always ready at the end of the phone if you need advice.

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