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Amazing new product for boaters!

This neat adjuster provides a simple solution to quickly altering the height of your side fenders.
They are available in black and white and for a limited time are on offer for £4.95.

Blazecut Automatically Activated Gas Extinguisher

BlazeCut “T” Series systems help protect engine compartments by capturing the start of a fire or by suppressing the fire giving the crew time for further action.  Easy installation, no maintenance and affordability makes this system a perfect first line fire protection of the engine compartment of small vehicles and pleasure boats. 

BlazeCut “T” Series system is a simple and cost effective fire protection of small enclosures. The system consists of a heat sensitive tube made of special plastic which is closed by a stainless steel fitting on each end. The tube has both storage and detection function which means that the extinguishing agent is stored directly in the tube and no additional storage device like a cylinder is needed. It saves space and weight and results in no residue after use.

It requires no servicing or maintenance when installed for 5 years, saving time and money whilst giving peace of mind.

The BlazeCut system uses HFC-227ea or HFC-236fa, which is an extremely effective, clean and people-safe extinguishing medium.

Available in 2,3 and 4 meter lengths for various applications, please call for advice. As an example a VW bus would only need a 2m or 3m length. The 3m length will give you 50% more fire suppressant than the 2m. 

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GR-Pro boat cleaning POSTED 25/09/17

Bilge Buddy Tank Clean is a low cost preventative measure and solution to the common problem of water contaminated fuel.
Simply drop the filter into the tank, secure with nylon cord, and if water is present it will immediately start to absorb.
When the WaterSoaker has absorbed fully the nylon bladder will be fully expanded in the mesh filter containment tube.
While in place it will efficiently remove and contain any water from fuel caused by contamination or condensation.
Water in fuel can corrode fuel tanks internally, contaminate filters or worse enter the engine.
Water contamination allows the growth of the “Diesel Bug” the tank cleaner will help prevent this.
Avaliable in 2 sizes
Small 4.4x15cm absorbes 135ml water
Large 4.4xx30cm absorbes 269ml water



POSTED 24/09/17

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