April 2017

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DAMPSTICK - It's bone dry.

Some Boats are affected and others are not, this is because there are so many types of boats and so many variables, such as:

  • General Condition and Integrity: of the hull, windows, and doorframes.
  • Bilges: wet, vented or unvented.
  • Insulation: type and properties.
  • Windows: porthole, rectangular, double-glazed, sliding, overall surface area of glass.
  • Mushroom Roof Vents; quantity and location.
  • Length Of Boat: internal cubic capacity, and external colour.
  • Use: Time aboard, amount of people on board.
  • Facilities: showers, washing machines, driers, and fridges.
  • Cooking and Kettles
  • Pipe work: under deck, surface mounted, behind lining, lagged sufficiently or not, etc.
  • Read more..........


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